About Ronnie Staton

In 2013 Ronnie ran just under 200 miles non-stop across England taking only a ten minute power nap, it took just 55 hours to complete the run which passed through some of England’s toughest terrain. Through personal experience and coaching Ronnie illustrates that inner purpose can overcome the plight of the negative mind and how in discipline, perseverance and self belief freedom can be found. Ronnie works from a philosophy of inspired empowerment to find one’s true aspirations. Once discovered a practical skill set is determined to enable positive change and the realisation of self actualisation.

The real foundations to his approach come in the knowledge that it is not the specifics of the goal that are important but rather what meaning this has to the individual or group. No matter how grand or small fulfilment is equal and universal to everyone who seeks it and ultimately success comes from having the ‘Mindset Of A Champion’ and not purely opportunity.

Ronnie’s main role involves coaching long distance runners across the UK. Alongside this Ronnie also delivers a range of presentations tailored to the client to provide a powerful message supported with the information needed to begin or advance the journey of self improvement.

Ronnie has raised over £35, 000 for a range of charitable trusts by taking on high challenge running events. Last December he completed an event known as ‘The Hill’. It entailed a daunting 55 hill reps of Shining Tor in the Peak District, which equates to 160 miles of up and down on the same hill! Cruelly there was a quit bell above the rep counter, a 96% fail rate, minus 7 gail force winds, rail, hail and more darkness than light.

Ronnie explains his strategies on honest and simple terms to overcome the obstacles life throws our way to come through regardless of the odds. Whatever walk of life you take Ronnie’s insights are applicable to reach your true potential and enjoy living life at its fullest with the people around you whether you run or not.

About Ronnie Staton
About Ronnie Staton

Ronnies Mini Bio:

Qualifications & Experience

  • BSc Hons Coaching, Sport & Exercise Science (Manchester Metropolitan University)
  • Stress Management Consultant Diploma
  • GP Referral / Gait Analysis / Knee Rehabilitation / Gary Gray Functional Running Qualified
  • 10 Years Personal Training experience within a leading facility (outklassfitness.co.uk)
  • Advanced Kettlebell / Olympic Weight Lifting & Bulgarian Bag Instructor
  • Ex Footballer, Amateur Boxer. Currently Ultra Running.
  • Race Director Of HOBO Pace (hobopace.co.uk)

Favourite Ultra Running Achievements

  • First time 100 Mile & Sub 24 hour 100 Mile finishes
  • Over ten 100 Mile finishes
  • Sir Alfred Wainwright’s 190 mile Coast to Coast route run in 55 hours non-stop (Supported solo effort)
  • Hardmoors 160 Mile finisher (4th)
  • The Hill Ultra finisher (2nd)
  • Sub 20 hour Centurion Winter 100 Finish

Favourite Coaching Moments/Achievements

  • 1st spot finishes & many PBs
  • Breaking The Spine (268 miles)
  • Working with runners from 5k to 200+ mile distances with the same focus
  • Seeing runners hit their true potential
Ronnie Staton Running Coach