Ronnie Staton Running Coach

Ronnie’s Life Approach…

Life is without doubt beautiful but it can also be incredibly demanding. There is no hiding from that.

Physical exercise plays a huge factor in how I make sense of my life and the world around me and I am not alone in that.

Setting huge challenges, with a high risk of failure and pursuing those to extreme limits has broken down my foundations that I once thought I needed.

It wasn’t until they were destroyed that I realised they were nothing but labels, pre-conceptions and limitations I had about the world and myself in general.

Throughout the journey of education, planning, training, preparation and execution, I established some form of balance physically, mentally and spiritually.

I don’t separate my life, coaching, events or personal running ambitions. They all come together as one.

In running, I have found a peace I needed and a freedom I didn’t even know existed. I didn’t find these wonderful gifts out on the trail or in nature, although they help.

I found them internally through the process of setting out of reach goals relative to my current situation.

These goals insisted that I grew just to make the start line. Along this incredible journey, my entire character developed more towards the man I wish to become.

I don’t believe this journey will or should ever end but the sense of progression is fulfilling beyond words.

As a runner, a race director, a coach and everything else I am fortunate enough to be involved with, including being a Human Being; I see no passion in being anything less than the very best I can be.

Please note I make no reference of measurement to one’s goals.

I have witnessed individuals break through personal barriers and come through more hardship to complete a 5km Park Run than an athlete finishing 100 miles.

Ronnie Staton Running Coach

Ronnie Staton Running Coach

Goals are of course relative and personal.

Ronnie Staton Running Coach

Ronnie’s Coaching Approach…

As a coach I provide you with a customised and progressive training programme, supported by proven coaching methods and sessions. Most importantly, the plan is written from a perspective that is in line with your aspirations, background and life factors.

I have found the consistency of training, which comes from appropriate programming, far outweighs the details of specific key workouts performed for only short periods of time. The ideal is to have both. I strive to get all runners to the stage where consistency and such quality work hand in hand over time to maximise results.

What is my vision with the coaching?

That all of my runners work hard to get the best from themselves and in the process enjoy their training and racing. Ultimately I only succeed as a coach when the coaching is life enhancing to the runner, this is always my main ambition.

Such runners gain immense rewards as a result.

On the flip side, if a runner does not have or wish to work towards a goal then their likely outcome is disappointment, frustration or a feeling of being ‘stuck in a rut’.

This lack of purpose means that they will not see any value in my services.

However, if you are serious about your running, are motivated and willing to succeed, whatever your level, then you will see the value in what I offer.

I only work with a select amount of runners at any one time, spread around the UK, to ensure a quality service.

We both have to feel you are right for the coaching and feel equally happy to proceed – which we can openly discuss in the initial process.

This is FREE of charge before a consultation is booked.

If you have big goals relative to you that you want to achieve and are willing to invest yourself or have any questions or doubts on whether this service is for you then please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Ronnie Staton Running Coach

Ronnies Mini Bio:

Qualifications & Experience

  • BSc Hons Coaching, Sport & Exercise Science (Manchester Metropolitan University)
  • Stress Management Consultant Diploma
  • GP Referral / Gait Analysis / Knee Rehabilitation / Gary Gray Functional Running Qualified
  • 10 Years Personal Training experience within a leading facility (
  • Advanced Kettlebell / Olympic Weight Lifting & Bulgarian Bag Instructor
  • Ex Footballer, Amateur Boxer. Currently Ultra Running.
  • Race Director Of HOBO Pace (

Favourite Ultra Running Achievements

  • Over ten 100 Mile finishes
  • Sir Alfred Wainwright’s 190 mile Coast to Coast route run in 55 hours non-stop (Supported solo effort)
  • Hardmoors 160 Mile finisher (4th)
  • The Hill Ultra finisher (2nd)
  • Sub 20 hour Centurion Winter 100 Finish
Ronnie Staton At The Finish Line

Favourite Coaching Moments/Achievements

  • First time 100 Mile & Sub 24 hour 100 Mile finishes
  • 1st spot finishes & many PBs
  • Ryan Wood Breaking The Spine (268 miles) & Jerry McCulla Winning The Hardmoors 160 mile
  • Working with runners from 5k to 200+ mile distances with the same focus
  • Seeing runners hit their true potential

90 Minute Consultation

  • FEE: £40
  • Consultation @: Sturton Road, South Wheatley Village Hall, Retford, Notts, DN22 9DL

What we cover in this session:

  • Gather all running & medical/injury history
  • Discuss and select relevant events for the year and beyond
  • Postural assessment
  • Footwear and kit discussion
  • Full emailed report with exercise video links
  • Goal Set; Short and Long term, work on projected timescales
  • Range of movement assessment
  • Gait / stride analysis and running technique coaching
  • Corrective actions discussed
  • Discuss coaching options
*Please note all coaching & programme packaged runners must attend this session. However, there is absolutely no obligation to go onto a package after this appointment. As a stand alone one off session many runners have found this to be incredibly valuable in reducing injury and increasing performance.

How the Coaching/Programming packages work


  • Attend a consultation.
  • Gather all running & medical/injury history.
  • Goal Set; Short and Long term, work on projected timescales.
  • Discuss and select relevant events for the year and beyond.


  • Range Of Movement & Postural Assessment.
  • Gait / stride analysis and running technique coaching.
  • Corrective actions discussed and applied.
  • Footwear and kit discussion.


  • Training program structure.
  • Sessions explained.
  • Coaching philosophy explained
  • Coaching theory explained.


  • Activate Online Program.
  • Training program structure activation.
  • Consisting of 4 – 16 week cycles.
  • Feedback and training phase dependant.

* Note: I do not coach runners I cannot meet at least once for a full assessment and stride technique session. This is in your best interests as a runner and in mine as a coach. This system of coaching will reduce injury risk and enhance performance.

Sometimes it is a case of getting you started on your programme and then meeting up at convenient date in the near future. This tends to work better for more experienced runners so I recommend beginners see me as soon as possible to prevent injury occurring in the early stages of the plan. We tend to meet at South Wheatley Village Hall on our first meet (DN22 9DL).

The first session involves my analysis and correction of any imbalances that may exist and, of course, to teach a strong running form. As a result, we aim to minimise the likelihood of injury whilst boosting athletic performance. Ultimately, any future contact sessions will enable us to work together more effectively on the online program, which makes up the bulk of the coaching process. This is where your real progression takes place.

Ronnie Staton And Ryan

Online Programming

The Online Programming consists of 4 – 16 week training cycles depending on goals for the coaching package and up to six months at a time on the programming package.

The program itself is in a simple format using the software ‘Training Peaks’, which we can both update. This is live and customised towards your training targets. Regular email/Facebook communication acts as a summary to your training cycles and a discussion of your upcoming objectives.

You are not alone in training with myself and a club community is continuing to grow with the runners I coach. In addition, there is a private Facebook group where I post any updates and session notes to help us along as a group.

It is also a great way for runners to remain on track via support and encouragement and it highlights the achievements of everyone within this small but committed club.

Mindset Of A Champion

Running Coaching FAQs

No. I see everyone I coach for a consultation first.
No. Every programme I write is slightly different and bespoke to you.
Your physical make up effects the plan. It needs to be considered within the programming. I also need to coach run style. It is absolutely vital I see you in person at least once no matter where you live, no exceptions.
Yes. But as soon as possible we must meet for the consultation.
Only Two. The Coaching & Programming Package.
The Coaching Package is more dynamic with closer contact. I will re-edit the plan if need be and the coaching process is ongoing. Physical meet ups are included in the fee, fixed up at a convenient time to us both. Most only see me every 3-6 months due to the distances between us and the effectiveness of modern technology. Many runners on this package are working towards huge ultra ambition over a 5 year span.

The Programming Package is one edit of the plan. Once we sign it off I do not re-edit it. Contact is less than the coaching. I will advise but not re-edit. Further appointments are available but at a fee. This can still be highly effective for many and of course the plan is still bespoke to you.

No. However, to be fair to all the first month is charged regardless of the date, so it helps to plan to join up near the beginning of the month.
It is £60 per month. Payable each calendar month by bank transfer.
This is costed at £20-£40 dependent on the runners goals. Maximum progamming at one time is 8 months. Programming fees are paid upfront before the plan is released. We then discuss and agree the plan before you sign it off.
Yes, I do not disappear. But it is limited to be fair to those on the coaching package so I do not re-edit the plan. If you do feel you need more support than the occasional sounding board, then go for the coaching option. Further consultations are available at a fee.
Yes. There is no contract. But in reality I only work with runners with long term goals. 4 months is as short as I would go otherwise there is not the time for the programme to take hold.

Coaching Packages And Pricing

Programming Package Programming Guidance Only


Per Month
  • Designed for UK resident runners
  • Programming guidance only
  • A ‘one off’ programme, charged as a ‘pay on delivery’ fee in one sum.

Programming Package

Using the ‘Training Peaks’ software this option is suited to the runner needing/wanting programming guidance only.

This is a ‘one off’ programme, charged as a ‘pay on delivery’ fee in one sum rather than monthly.

Fee is costed at £20-40 per month depending on the runner’s goals.

This can work very well for a runner training for a specific race in mind over a definite period of time and seeks only session guidance without the dynamic coaching/progression.

This tends to work better for more experienced runners of 10k to Marathon distance, but can work for all circumstances with the right individual.

I view the plan provided as an ideal/guide for the runner at the time it was written bespoke for them.

Interaction, contact and modification of the programme is limited in this package hence the reduced fee.

Note that for this progrmming option I still must see you in person at some point to assess your body/coach run style.

The most popular package with my runners is the Coaching Package.

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